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      Swisstouches La Luna (Royal Marina – former name of the project) is supposed to be the prime project in the northern economic development planning area of ​​Nha Trang located next to the new and first international Marina in Vietnam. The Swisstouches La Luna Resort is operated and managed by Swisstouches, a leading Swiss hotel management group with years of experience in hotel management, resort management, and a team of professional experts. Dozens of hotels, resorts in many countries around the world. The second largest brand associated with the Swisstouches La Luna Resort project is Grandland, Hong Kong’s leading design and construction company with 20 years of experience in large projects, GrandLand is one of the leading design firms in Hong Kong. The company has over 20 years of experience with over 1500 design professionals in Hong Kong and abroad. Each Condotel apartment will carry a different design point, making your choice more diverse. The design company has won 500 design awards in Hong Kong and the world.
A buyer is committed to participate a rental program to have a profit rate of 9% per annum for 5 years, from the 6th year onwards. Also can take 15-night vacation for free per year in own unit or in any resort of Swisstouches system. The developer is committed to repurchase a unit from a buyer within 5-20 year period with minimum price increase of 8% at the 5th year).


Project Overview:
  • Name of the project: Swisstouches La Luna Resort
  • Type of the property: 5* hotel and condominium complex
  • Location: Vinh Hoa Urban Area, Vinh Hoa Ward
  • Project owner: Swisstouches & PIST
  • General contractor: TAKCO (Samsung Electronics Factory, Danang Administrative Center, Azura Da Nang Apartment Complex, Dai Quang Minh II Villa, Kingston Residence, Cityland Residential Area – Go Vap.)
  • Apartment design unit: GrandLend (Guangzhou Grandview Marriott Hotel, Huizhou Egret Lake Sheraton Agile Sheraton Resort Hotel, Shang Hai Tian Marriott Hotel Sanya, Huzhou Sheraton Hot Spring Resort Hotel …)
  • Management unit: Swisstouches Switzerland
  • Bank support: Agribank (one of the largest commercial banks in Vietnam), BIDV (one of the largest banking brands in Vietnam and one of the top 30 largest asset banks in Southeast Asia)
  • Total Land area: 4.74 ha (4 zones: A, B, C, D)
  • Project scale:
    • Area A: 5,965.5 m2 with a construction density of 62.58 m2, including two 35-storey buildings (including 5 floors of commercial services in the base)
    • Area B: 3,862.5m2 with construction density: 59.17%, including one 35-storey building and 1 basement
    • Total number of condotel units: 1,904 rooms
  • Types of units: 1-bedroom, 2-bedrooms, 3-bedrooms, 4-bedrooms and penthouse
  • 24/7 security, camera system
  • Walking distance from beach: 50 m
  • Official launching: 11/12/2016
  • Handover: Q3/2019
  • Ownership: freehold for vietnamese citizen or 50 years for a foreigner (read more FAQ)


Building facilities and amenities:

  • Floor 1-  5: Shopping and business center, restaurants, playground area, gym, swimming pool, spa, children playground….
  • Floor 6-34: Condotel units for sale with floor area 25 m2 – 37 m2 – 40 m2 – 75 m2 – 37 m2 – 40 m2 – 75 m2
  • Floor    35: Penthouses with floor area 250 m2 – 390 m2



  • All units completely equipped and with furnished 5* interior


  • Download (.pdf) price list of A1 Block  
  • Download (.pdf) price list of A2 Block  

example: Unit 54 of A1 Block, on 8th floor, room A1.08.04, with carpet 43,96 m2 area, m2 , $2720 for 1 m2, $119 500 (not included 10% VAT and  2% maintenance fee)

 We provide all the support to purchase a unit for developer’s price. Our service for this is free of charge (our commission comes from the developer).


 Floor plans:



Payment schedule:

  • 1. stage: deposit 100,000,000 VND to book the contract.
  • 2. stage: payment 30% of sales price + VAT (incl. deposit), within 15 days from booking a contract, signing of purchase agreement
  • 3. stage: payment 15% of sales price + VAT, when 20th floor is built (expected 2 months after signing of the purchase agreement)
  • 4. stage: payment 25% of sales price + VAT, when 30th floor is built (expected 4 months after signing of the purchase agreement)
  • 5. stage: payment 25% of sales price + VAT, when 36th floor is built (expected 6 months after signing of the purchase agreement)
  • 6. stage: payment  5% of sales price + VAT, handover


 Construction progress in photos:

 La Luna Nha TrangLa Luna Nha Trang construction


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