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4th condominium project of the Muong Thanh Group in Nha Trang has official name Muong Thanh Far North – Oceanus (vietnamese Mường Thanh Viễn Triều) and is situated at 5 Pham Van Dong, P.Vinh Phuoc behind the northern bridge near to popular unique rock formation Hon Chong, just next to another condo beach project U-plaza.

Photos from 5/2017 (few months before handover)

The project is supposed to have five 40-floor story buildings with total area total area 2,2 hectares and so becoming urban area of the north of the city in future. First two buildings OC1A and OC1B offering all apartments for sale are under construction. OC2 will be next to be built and offering sales. The last one building is going to be a luxury hotel.
Condos are fully equipped with elevators, stairs, power backup system, basement garage and fire protection system. No missing supermarkets, food stores, restaurants, cafe bars in the 1st floors.


See the List of Chosen Apartments
(Prices are valid to 18/5/2017, please contact us to check availability and get current price of ANY number (/floor) of wanted apartment)



  • doors, windows
  • white painted walls, tiled floor and full bathroom(s), lights
  • sink (only in bathroom), toilet, shower


Payment schedule:

  • 1. stage: initial payment 40% of the sales price – at the signing of the contract.
  • 2. stage: payment  20% when the raw building is finished to 26 floors.
  • 3. stage: payment  20% when the raw building is finished (to final 40th floor).
  • 4. stage: payment  20% at the apartment takeover. Expected time 8/2017.


Floor plans of OC1A building:


Floor plans of OC1A penthouse (last 40th floor):


Floor plans of OC1B building:


Floor plans of OC2B building 2-19th, 21-39th floor:


Floor plans of OC2B building 20th floor:


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