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  • Location: 6 Bãi Dương, Vĩnh Hải
  • 21-story building of residential apartments
  • owner is Sông Đà Company having headquarters directly at U-plaza ground floor
  • 4 elevators – no waiting time
  • Swimming pool (fee 25€ / 1 person for 1 month)
  • 24/7 secured the only one possible entrance to the building. Camera system at each floor.
  • Supermarket at the entrance for buying basic goods
  • Near to the sea, just 80 meters. Distance to the center of the city is 5 km – 10 minutes by motorbike along the beach.
  • Monthly fees are $25 for (trash pickup, security, parking, cleaning corridors, maintenance of elevator)
  • Available parking for cars and motorbikes



Overview of apartments:

Apartments satisfy demanding customers to find even 3-bedroom apartments in this building near to sea in Nha Trang. Mostly foreigners and wealthy Vietnamese from north VN living here. There are many reasons why to live here – peaceful place, silent nearby, beach behind the corner, beautiful window views, many cheap restaurants around and possibility to park a car which is not usual at the apartment complex near to beach in Nha Trang. Just the negative side can be a higher price to buy an apartment for all that comfort and positives.




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