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Condo for Sale in OC1A MT Oceanus ID S019

Contract Type:
For Sale
Property Type:
Unfurnished - Condos/Apartments
Low budget condo units for sale in 40-story OC1A tower Muong Thanh Oceanus project (2017) situated in the north of the Nha Trang city next to beach at the popular unique rock formation Hon Chong. A handover was done on August 2017. Foreigner or vietnamese citizen can buy any unit and get an ownership for 50 years (read FAQ to get more information). Before finishing 50-year period possible to extend another 50 years or resale anytime.


Equipment of the Muong Thanh Oceanus unit:
All units are with basic equipment (windows, doors, complete electric wiring, floor tiles, tiled bathroom, toilet(s), sink(s), basic lights).


 Price list of chosen condos:
No. 16 at    16th floor with price   $51.300
No. 10 at    25th floor with price   $52.500
No. 12 at    25th floor with price   $52.500
No. 30 at    35th floor with price   $65.000
No. 26 at higher floor with price   $72.000
No. 34 at higher floor with price   $89.000
No. 32 at higher floor with price $110.000
All prices are final (include everything). See >>all details of this Muong Thanh Oceanus project<<.
Please, contact us to get any other not listed unit to get price.


from $51.300
Parking spot:
Area m²:


24H Security


Ms. Thuy

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