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      A new project is arising in the heart of the center opposite to 2/4 square at 44 Tran Phu street. Its investor Investment JSC company A&B Development corporation has a 12 year experience on the business and tourism field. The proof might be the high-standard japanese restaurant Sorae and San Fu Lou restaurant (both Ho Chi Minh). But not only this, the company is one of the major shareholders of Saigon Tourist company which makes them enormous advantage to assure to have all rooms full of tourists. 1 tower with 484 (1-2 bedroom) units, each with balcony and (at least partly) see view. All the project is under guarantee of HD Bank which is the main sponsor of this project and is committing to share minimum 10% profit / year for 10 years and 80%-20% of profit for the next years. Buyer of AB Central Square unit will be committed to sign a cooperation contract with developer (so the purchase is only investment opportunity).
      Owner of AB Central Square’s unit can take advantage of an AB exchange program which allows him to spend 15 days a year in any other vacation 5* resort as Phan Thiết – Mũi Né, Phú Quốc, HCM, Nha Trang, Hòn Hèo, Côn Đảo…


Project overview:

  • Project name: AB Central Square
  • Location: 44 Tran Phu, Nha Trang
  • Investor: A & B Development JSC
  • General contractor: Unicons (Intercontinental Danang Sun Peninsula, Sarina Dai Quang Minh , Vinhomes Central Park)
  • Design: HB Design
  • Consultant monitoring and evaluation: Apave Asia – Pacific
  • Operational management: JSC AB Saigon Nha Trang
  • Project guarantees and loan support: HD Bank
  • Total area: 9000
  • Project scope: 36 floors, 484 full furnished 1-2 bedroom units with 5* interior
  • Unit area: from 44-83
  • Start: October 2016
  • Handover: Q2/2019
  • Ownership and form of the contract: Investment Cooperation Agreement for 50 years for a foreigner (NOT receiving pink book)


Building amenities:

  • 1 basement
  • Floor 01-04: Business Center, Restaurant, Cinemas, Gym, Spa…
  • Floor 05: Foot court
  • Floor 06-07: Banquet halls, Hotel BOH
  • Floor 08: Spa
  • Floor 09: Hotel lobby
  • Floor 10-28: Condo units
  • Floor 29: Infinity pool
  • Floor 30-31: Officetel
  • Floor 32: Night club
  • Floor 33-36: Chill Sky Bar


  • fully equipped


  • Price upon request


  Floor plans:

Payment schedule:

  •   1.stage – 50.000.000 VND first deposit – upon signing a registration form
  •   2.stage – payment 20% of the sales price (inc. the first payment) within 10 days after the 1st stage, before signing a purchasing contract
  •   3.stage – payment 20% of the sales price until 25/06/2017
  •   4.stage – payment 10% of the sales price until 25/09/2017
  •   5.stage – payment 10% of the sales price until 25/12/2017
  •   6.stage – payment 10% of the sales price until 25/03/2018
  •   7.stage – payment 10% of the sales price until 25/05/2018
  •   8.stage – payment 10% of the sales price until 25/08/2018
  •   9.stage – payment 10% of the sales price until 25/11/2018

Construction progress:

AB Square Central  AB central square progress   

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