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      Virgo is a brand new 5* condotel project situated in the center at Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street – on the main road heading to the 2/4 Square. Vietcombank is the main partner of the project and is committed to guarantee the progress. This Project with high expectation has 40 floors with 624 units in total and offers 84 apartments for sale as an investment or 300 tourists apartments for sale for living.
       The developer Virgo Nha Trang Trading Co., Ltd. offers a rental program for 11% profit for 8 years (exclusive of VAT, maintenance charge and discount if any). From the 9th year income will rise to a minimum 9%, depends on the situation on the real estate market. Investors (/buyers) participating in this rental program have free of charge 15 free nights at the Virgo Hotel. If they do not use 15 nights, they will be paid in cash (around 20 million VND). Also you will get offered +8% interest of the sales price if you decide to resell an apartment (after handover). For buyers living there, have free of charge all repairs (equipment exclusive) of water and electricity for 60 months after handover, free of charge managements free (parking fee exclusive) for 24 months, and using gym, spa and swimming pool for free.

Project Overview:

  • Name of the project: Virgo Hotel & APACM
  • Type of the property: hotel and apartment, condo complex
  • Location: 39-41 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, Loc Tho
  • Project owner: Virgo Nha Trang Trading Co., Ltd.
  • General contractor: Kim Qui
  • Land area: 1490 m2
  • Total floor area: 43 142 m2
  • Construction density: 67,27%
  • Project scale: 40 floors and 2 basements
  • Total number of units: 624 including 84 apartments (for business), 240 hotel (5*) rooms, 300 condo units (for living)
  • Unit area: apartments for business – 31m2 to 39m2, condos for living 55m2 – 79m2
  • Commencement: Q4/2017
  • Handover: Q4/2019
  • Walking distance from beach: 400m
  • Ownership: 50-year lease contract for a foreigner

Building Amenities:

  • Floor 01-05: shopping Center, Services
  • Floor 06-17: 240 guest rooms
  • Floor 18-32: 300 apartments (for investment – a buyer is obliged to sign a lease contract with developer)
  • Floor 33: spa, gym, pool, bar
  • Floor 34-40: 84 tourist apartments


  • Equipment list:
  • All units are fully furnished


  • Price upon request
 Floor plans:

Payment schedule:

  •   1. stage: 100,000,000 VND deposit to book the contract.
  •   2. stage: payment  15% of sales price (included 100,000,000 VND from 1st stage) excluding VAT, within 10 days from booking a contract (purchase agreement)
  •   3. stage: payment   5% of sales price excluding VAT, within 40 days from booking a contract
  •   4. stage: payment  30% of sales price (previous stages included) + VAT of 30%, when the contract is signed (expected 10/2017)
  •   5. stage: payment  10% of sales price + VAT, expected in Q2/2018
  •   6. stage: payment  10% of sales price + VAT, expected in Q4/2018
  •   7. stage: payment  10% of sales price + VAT, expected in Q1/2019
  •   8. stage: payment  10% of sales price + VAT, expected in Q2/2019
  •   9. stage: payment  25% of sales price + 30% VAT + 2% maintenance fee, after handover, expected in Q4/2019
  • 10. stage: payment    5% of sales price (exclusive of VAT), when receiving pink book (certificate of ownership)

Construction progress:

 Nha Trang Virgo progress    

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