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How to make residence card Nha Trangtemporary residence card Nha Trang 2
     Vietnam Temporary residence card (TRC) is issued with the aim of bringing practical benefits to expats who enter Vietnam to work and reside for a long term. A foreigner may get permanent or temporary residence card valid for one to three years. The card will act as a proof of identity and an entry visa when traveling within, in and out of Vietnam. This helps foreigners save a large amount of time and money for visa application as well as visa extension during the entry, exit and residence in Vietnam. This text will summarize basic regulations and procedures applicable to a Temporary Residence Card (TRC): vincial office managing entry and exit under the Ministry of Public Security.
Who can apply:
• Members of a limited liable company with 2 members or more
• Owner of a 1-member limited liability company
• Members in the Board of a joint-stock company
• You have a certificate of marriage with citizen Vietnamese.
• Foreign lawyers who have been licensed by Ministry of Justice to practice law in Vietnam as stipulated by law
• Foreigners having work permit, work in various kinds of foreign enterprises and representative offices of foreign companies
• Professionals, students, trainees working or studying in national programs and projects signed between the ministries and approved by the government
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Issuing Authority:
TRC is issued by the authorized provincial office managing entry and exit under the Ministry of Public Security.