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Certificate of food safety Nha TrangAccording to decision 14/2014 / QD , regulation on applying license to be eligible establishment for food safety to food service which needs to apply food safety for the restaurants, hotels.


Conditions to ensure food safety for restaurants, hotels

  • Having contract on supplies of food materials, purchase invoices products, food inputs.
  • Fully implement 3 steps notebook.
  • Ensuring adequate conditions of food hygiene and safety of premises, equipment and instruments to implement the kitchen principle one side following the rule
  • Certificate of training in knowledge about food safety and ensure good personal practice hygiene for employees who engage in processing and establishment owners.
  • Dining room, tables and chairs must be regularly kept them clean, enough toilets and washbasins and have containers to be storable food in 24 hours.
  • Exhibit space for sale or for food buffet and must ensure protection against flies, avoid breathing, saliva of guests and guests must have tools for clamping, gripping, ladling food (for hotels).
  • Waiter must have a medical examination according to regulations and circulars.


Records to apply certificate of food safety for restaurants, hotels

  • Application for a certificate (following a form)
  • Certificate of business registration (notarized copies)
  • Explanations about qualified conditions of physical facilities and food safety
  • Healthy confirmation of the direct individual to produce and apply by health facilities competent
  • Confirmation of complete training courses on food safety for the direct individual to product food business.
  • Commitment to ensure food safety for raw food materials and products to produce by business units
  • Drawings of production and business premises


The process of implementation of food safety license for restaurants and hotels

  • Survey operation, consult and accompany by business surmount the existence of facilities
  • Arrange the process according to the principle of one-way tools and equipment, the conditions on the walls, ceilings, floors, ventilation systems, electrical systems, sewage, lighting…
  • Provide and guide business to complete administrative procedures: Store samples book, check inputs book, tracking processing book, healthy staff check book
  • Organize training class about food safety knowledge, guide physical examination (when businesses do not have).
  • Represent to meet appraisal delegation.


Execution time

25 – 30 working days from the date of receiving all valid documents (excluding the time for correction, surmount due to unsatisfactory appraisal).