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      Everyone who is hanging around for some while or living in Nha Trang has been visited most of interesting places, however Nha Trang surroundings are offering much more. See those 3 top places where to go and how to spend your time with unique adventure and get unforgettable experience and memories.

Pháp Viện Thánh Sơn

      For those who like visiting pagoda, temples and similar historical relics and visited already Po Nagar Cham Towers, Long Son Pagoda and still is not enough or it has not fulfilled their higher expectations just go and visit PHÁP VIỆN THÁNH SƠN, you will be just amazed, this place is huge, without a crowd of tourist (many more local people), no begging for money at each corner, many viewpoints with natural Vietnamese landscape. This place is located 30km on west of the Nha Trang City, just 1 hour by motorbike. You can make no mistake by visiting this place and spend your day that way.


Some Days of Silence Resort & Spa

      For ones who like enjoying natural clean beach and would like to spend 1-2 nights in peaceful place in bungalow with beautiful surrounding garden. The beach on the south Bai Dai (Long Beach) and Doc Let Beach in the north of the Nha Trang is way behind this place compared to silence, crowd of people and cleanness. Photos talk for themselves.


Hon Ba Mountain: Yersin Mountain

      This is a must for those who like nature and riding on motorbike. Once you turn off the AH1 road the show begins – outstanding landscape around you until you reach the end – Alexandre Yersin’s Monument In Hon Ba which is 1600m above sea level. This place is located 55km in the southeast from the Nha Trang and with some stopovers for taking photos it takes more than 3 hours to get on the top of the mountain.
      The no through road is not at the bad condition at all (taking account we are in Vietnam) so the pleasure from riding is surprisingly on the high level but try to avoid riding 2 people on 1 motorbike unless you have a strong one because you would be often annoyed by limited maximal speed since you reach the steep part of the mountain. 10-15 km above the highest point of the mounting it starts being quite cold. The temperature goes easily to 10-15° so count on it. Finally at the end of the road you will be pleased to see a restaurant and the house of the biologist Alexandre Yersin which is available to take a look from inside. At this place is possible to rent a shared room for staying over night or rent a 1 bedroom poor serviced cottage. Unfortunately the cottage surroundings is not maintained with garbage seen everywhere – this fact is discouraging many visitors to stay longer. It makes that trip 1-day trip as a best choice.



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