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This overview has been created to help foreign investors/buyers to have all available usefull information about “near beach” condominium projects in Nha Trang in a one place. All provided information can be found on this website on the appropriate project page (see Projects). We try our best to keep the information actual and use verified sources. This page will be regularly updated with more precise information if possible and new projects added as they show some serious progress.


Explanatory notes:

*1)= Walking Distance to. Lotus Tower represents here a central navigation point.
*2)= Average price
*3)= Ownership certificate /agreement for foreigners declared by developer to receive
*6)= The project Muong Thanh Oceanus has 6 towers. 5 residential (supposed to have 2-5th floor for hotel purposes) and 1 hotel.
*8)= The Stellar is on hold and no decision taken.

*9)= The project HQC has 1000 units but only 200 units are offered for sale for foreigners
    != Buyer is committed to sign a rental agreement with developer. A total length of rental contract is calculated as remaining period to 50 years since developer’s pink book validity (of the land he built the project on).


ProjectHandover*3)OwnershipFloorsAmenities *2)Price/m2 ($) Types of BedroomsUnit Area (m2)Total UnitsUnits for Sale*1)WDt Beach (m)*1)WDt Lotus Tower (m)Location -Coordinates
AB Central SquareAB Central SquareQ2/2019only cooperation contract365*27001br,2br44-83484484505012.240900, 109.195750
Ariyana AriyanaQ1/2018pink book284*2100studio, 2br49-16339414440050012.244241, 109.194459
TropicanaBeau RivageQ3/2021!50-year rental contract for foreigners2x 405*30001br, 2br, 3br, 4br32-54313009005025012.242556, 109.195970
Cham OasisCham OasisQ1/201750-year rental contract for foreigners6+54*22001br,2br, 3br45-893593592500340012.265257, 109.190832
Dragon FairyDragon FairyQ4/2021pink book395*15001br,2br51-76595442200400012.210002, 109.214012
Nha Trang Center 2Gold CoastQ4/2019pink book2x 405*2000studio, 1br, 2br, 3br, 4br49-130886886100100012.248172, 109.195038
Golden PeakGolden PeakQ3/2022pink book405*n/astudio, 1br, 2br, 3br,37-9830000230050270012.218058, 109.204919
HavanaHavanaQ4/201250-year rental contract for foreigners415*2200studio, 1br, 2br, 3br, 4br38-35212602805035012.243469, 109.195998
HQCHQCQ2/2019pink book4x 15-183*7502br51-711000*9)2001500590012.286155, 109.194800
HUD BuildingHUD BuildingQ4/2020pink book263*17001br, 2br, 3br, 4br42-89, 211-34449049065065012.242611, 109.192722
MapleMapleQ3/2017foreigners can't purchase264*1900studio, 1br, 2br, 3br43-991638320045012.237625, 109.195705
MT CentreMT CentreQ4/2014pink book464*13501br,2br41-588904325045012.236697, 109.196272
MT GrandMT GrandQ2/2013pink book264*8002brn/a infon/a info77150620012.290305, 109.205366
MT Khanh HoaMT Khanh HoaQ4/2018pink book404*11501br, 2br57-8711561156150210012.258935, 109.197419
MT OceanusMT OceanusQ3/2017pink book5x 403*9002br59-71702/tower*6)630/tower50460012.273814, 109.201976
Napoleon CastleNapoleon CastleQ2/2019pink book404*10002br, 3br55-77814814500460012.269742, 109.201569
Nha Trang CenterNha Trang CenterQ2/201050-year rental contract for foreigners194*2200studio, 1br, 2br, 3br, 4br43-2454071435085012.247866, 109.195970
NT City CentralNha Trang City CentralQ4/2019pink book304*12001br,2br, 3br56-83349249300160012.251416, 109.192566
Marina SuitesMarina SuitesQ4/2020pink book324*1600studios, 2br33-77380260500160012.252016, 109.192974
Ocean GateOcean GateQ3/2019pink book404*2300studio, 3br36-100433262200130012.249663, 109.193704
PanoramaPanoramaQ2/201950-year rental contract for foreigners395*2500studio37-6910991099
10010012.239108, 109.195374
PH-ComplexPH ComplexQ4/2019pink book263*10001br, 2br55-75127212721100430012.210156, 109.202354
Scenia BayScenia BayQ4/2019pink book405*2100studio, 1br, 2br, 3br39-10797870450515012.281118, 109.201822
StarcityStarcityQ1/2016only cooperation contract
214*19001br, 2br30-99217925075012.234000, 109.197174
StellarStellar*8)N/Apink book2x 254*8501br, 2br45-94529529100610012.196048, 109.209242
La LunaSwisstouch La LunaQ4/2020!50-year rental contract for foreigners355*3300studio, 1br, 2br, 3br, 4br25-75, 250-3901904 n/a info50790012.294387, 109.215277
CostaThe Costa ResidenceQ2/2014pink book295*4800studio, 1br, 2br, 3br, 4br58-3262792515045012.244485, 109.195822
U-PlazaU-PlazaQ3/2011pink book213*9502br, 3br, 4br68-158162162100440012.275679, 109.201247
Vinpearl BeachfrontVinpearl BeachfrontQ3/2018foreigners can't purchase405*3000
studio, 2br, 3br40-1248958955085012.233182, 109.197198
Vinpearl EmpireVinpearl EmpireQ2/2018foreigners can't purchase415*2100studio, 1br, 2br, 3br41-12492492430050012.242858, 109.193345
VirgoVirgoQ4/2019pink book405*2200studio, 1br, 2br34-8462430050060012.238145, 109.192921